Watson Environmental

Our main focus:

An efficient and strategic approach for your project.


Watson Environmental’s experience with environmental compliance and planning complex projects forms the basis of our expertise.

We couple that with our in-depth knowledge of agency’s culture, mission, and decision process. We consider the big picture for your project and we identify critical decision points and map common sense strategies. People choose to work with us because we can help them proactively meet their goals. We help clients by delivering an efficient strategy and recommendations focused on the goals we set for your project. This is the umbrella under which we operate. And here is how we start:


Navigating the Process


Define Goals

First, we have a free 30-minute consultation focused on your project specifics and goals. This “discovery” process is about the issues and challenges that are most important to you.


Set Strategy

Using your goals and priorities, we develop a project specific strategy. That strategy is focused on your project needs and how to achieve them.


Begin Implementation

The greatest strategy will mean absolutely nothing unless well implemented. We take this into consideration from the start of each project.